MAEDA group's annual Safety & Health Event was held on Saturday, 8 June.

About 580 gathered in this event from Maeda Seisakusho and the subsidiaries.


The event started with greetings from the president, Masaaki Shioiri, then various awards were given to employees for business, safety, and environmental achievement.

Lectures on safety was given by an advisor from Komatsu. (Maeda Seisakusho is Komatsu distributor in 4 prefectures in Japan)

Recently Japan has very hot summer (like 35℃ or more), so prevention of heatstroke was stressed as very important, and many other injured cases in jobs handling construction machineries were explained. Audience were listening to each case seriously.

Then a health lecture given by a professional advisor followed. Audience learned how human body and muscles works, and how to releave fatigue by streatching excercise.


With one of MAEDA company motto, "Safety is the conscience of the company", MAEDA group hold this event every year.

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