- About Maeda Seisakusho -

Capital JPY 3,160,000,000
Established 1962
Head Office 1095, Onbegawa, Shinonoi, Nagano-City, Nagano-Pref. 388-8522 Japan
President & Representative Director Masaaki Shioiri

About Maeda Seisakusho

Established in 1962 Maeda Seisakusho Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and offering after sales service and the rental of construction equipment, industrial machinery and steel structural products.

Up until today we have been focused in the area of developing social infrastructure by mechanisation, labour saving and improving the safety in the civil engineering and construction industries with an ethos of craftsmanship and manufacturing excellence.

The Maeda mini crawler cranes developed, manufactured and sold by our Industrial Machinery Division has now become a product used globally throughout the world.

In Japan our mini cranes are known as " Kani cranes ( crab cranes )" and are very popular with children since its becoming a toy in die cast mini car series.

Alongside our range of Mini Cranes we also manufacture antifreeze sprinkler machinery, crawler wagons and also larger machinery such as tunnel construction dumper trucks and shielding machines.

Our Construction Machinery Division is a master distributor for Komatsu products in central Japan and has been providing sales and after sales service and rental for many years.

In 1984 we won the prestigious Quality Control prize from Komatsu and we have attended the Komatsu technical skills competition annually and winning awards by making continuous efforts to improve our knowledge and expertise.

Our R&D Division develops new products and creates added value to our custom-made products as well as our existing product lines. We meet the diversifying needs of our customers with technology and development skills that have been accumulated over many years.

Aforesaid are the main businesses of Maeda Seisakusho Ltd. In the Maeda group we have subsidiary companies manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for mini crawler cranes, sales and rental of nursing care equipment, and a car brand dealership.

These businesses benefit each other individually and as a collective as the Maeda group.

Corporate Motto




As long as business is kept ongoing, a company has to profit from it. Provided, however, that if it merely takes account of making profit regardless of the circumstances, the business may not last long. Only where a company conducts itself sincerely and keeps a genuine rapport with its clients, will its business last and develop. "Sincerity" is a pillar in carrying on business.



Being at work which is challenging, one has to fight with his very self. Without selfconfidence, whereby one believes he shall in no event lose to anyone else in terms of technology, price and construction period, and without "Willpower" whereby one whips himself into overcoming challenges, no one can proceed with works. In essence, "ownership" does mean a lot to one's working. "Willpower" is a resource that nourishes morale that is indispensable to one's work as well as one's life.



Maeda is a firm that sells its "Technology." It is Maeda's constant desire to deliver a work product which, with just a glance at its workmanship, can easily be identified as one completed by Maeda. It is the "Technology" that competitors like to borrow from Maeda, rather than that which Maeda tends to borrow from them, which gives Maeda an edge on them.

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