MAEDA is located in Nagano Prefecture, a landlocked prefecture.

Our cranes are transported by truck from Nagano to the ports of Shimizu, Yokohama and Tokyo, where they are exported to countries all overthe world.

In this issue, we will introduce you to one of these ports, the Port of Shimizu.



The Port of Shimizu is located at the foot of the symbol of Japan, Mt.FUJI.

You can see a ONE ship heading for Europe. MAEDA's main products, MC285CWME-3,MC305CRME-3 and MC405CRME-3, are loaded here.


Let's go closer. It's a big container ship.

I wonder which containers are loaded with our spider cranes......


The cranes of the port are coloured blue and white in consideration of the landscape.

If you look closely, you will see that each one has a different design and no two cranes have the same pattern.


This is a recently completed new warehouse.

The floor has been raised to protect against tsunamis, as Japan is an earthquake-prone country.


Finally, the ship sets sail!

May she arrive safely in Europe!

(And may we soon be able to sail the Red Sea!!)



shimizu7.pngshimizu8.jpgShizuoka Prefecture, where Shimizu Port is located, is famous forits seafood and Japanese tea, but there is actually a delicious hamburgerrestaurant that can only be found here.

Why not stop by when you visit Japan?

Come and visit also us in Nagano, of course. You are always welcome with us MAEDA!

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